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Franco Maria Ricci
~ Publishing as Art

In Italy in the era of Transavanguardia and the Nuovi-Nuovi, in a time of confused, languishing modernity, the expansion of Franco Maria Ricci’s publishing work into the field of visual arts constituted, as early as 1970, quite an event.

While creative minds and the critics seemed to be captivated by ever more fleeting expressive trends, Franco Maria Ricci was creating magnificent volumes, collections of art, literature and bibliophilia that unapologetically ignored the furor and frenzy of the contemporary scene.

I had the priviledge and pleasure of beginning a scholarship at the publishing house in the Summer of 2022 where I was first introduced to the beautiful works of Ricci and started working on the magazine FMR, which Jacqueline Kennedy described as “The most beautiful magazine in the world” and Federico Fellini called it  “The black pearl”.

At the end of my scholarship in Parma, after four months,
I continued working as an associate collaborator, a position I uphold today with the most rigour and joy.

Franco Maria Ricci ︎︎︎